Hi, my name is Vicky Giraldo. I am a certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner and I devoted many years to develop myself and learn about self-development and coaching. After working successfully in the corporate world for over 15 years, I decided to leave my job and follow my passions.
While I built my professional career as an Industrial Engineer in Finance, I was constantly seeking to develop myself further through reading, attending seminars and learning more and more about self-development.
After having my children I realized I could use this passion and help others who go through difficult times or want to follow their dreams. So I decided to become a Life, Success and Relationship Coach. I am absolutely committed to serve my clients and to support them to succeed in any area they are struggling with.
Through my 5-step formula I help my clients to “SHINE” in life. Together we identify what is holding them back and how to overcome their limiting beliefs. I encourage them to breakthroughs that cause major shifts in their lives. In our sessions we set goals and create an empowering action plan that motivates them to take action and do one step at a time toward their goals.

Even after all this years I still keep learning and developing myself. This habit constantly gives me new tools to support my clients the best way possible and to bring out their strengths and the resilience they already have within themselves.

By working with me, my clients get back into the driver’s seat of their lives. They get new insights, gain new perspectives and learn new tools for life in general which gives them self-confidence and energy like they have never experienced before. They feel more balanced, healthier, more fulfilled and happier. They experience life in a total new way.

I encourage anyone who has difficulties in tapping into their true potential, anyone who has lost motivation or direction to contact me so we can work together and unlock this potential that is already within you.

About Victoria