Today I want to write about dreams. We all have dreams. I am talking about the dreams that we have while we are awake, those that take us to a special place in our minds where everything is possible. We dream about having this or that, about a bigger house, a better car; about having a relationship or a greater one with our partners, with our family or with those around us. We dream about success, about things that we want to accomplish… to develop our own businesses, to get a promotion, to travel around the world. We have huge dreams and we have smaller ones. It is a place where we love to go once in a while or every day. It is a place that it is always available to us and that we cherish and love to visit. For most of us it is a place that is totally disconnected from our realities. We don’t have any troubles with dreaming but we seem to have big trouble with making our dreams come true. When you dream, do you want your dreams to actually become real? Do you think it is possible? Do you believe in making those dreams alived?

There are things that we seem to understand better than others. For example, if we want to go from A to B and there are 10 meters in between. How do we get there? First by doing that “first step”, then step by step we go towards B. We know exactly where we want to go, we just do it. With our dreams it is exactly the same. We do the first step and we keep doing one step at a time until we reach exactly what we want. What do we need? Determination!! When we know exactly what we want, when we know that we will make it happen doesn’t matter what, when we keep going even when we feel like giving up, even when others say “you can’t” and even when it is not so straight forward, you just keep going! It will happen and you really need to trust this.

When I look back on my life and I think about the things that I have achieved and how I have achieved them I see that everything that I have achieved I did because I had absolute certainty that it was what I really wanted. I did my first step towards my goals, then step by step until I got there… and never ever doubted about getting it done. Those that I achieved were facts in my head already when I started. It was not an option not to have them.

Start looking at your dreams as attainable, as experiences that you could actually make happen. Don’t hesitate in doing your first step and don’t ever give up!

The dreams that count are those dreams that we actually make them happen. ★