Excellence in life is not about perfection. Perfection does not exist. There are no perfect women, there are no perfect men, there are just human beings. There is no perfect life neither. There are always ups and downs and there is always room for improvement and opportunity for growth. I personally love the quote from Pat Riley that describes excellence as the gradual result of always striving to do better. A life of excellence is a life of continuous work on yourself and on your goals and dreams.

Many people live their lives as they come and life just takes them, mainly unconsciously, to where they are. They don’t question what they want out of life, if there are any goals or dreams that they could work on achieving to change their realities. If they have dreams, they think those are just dreams; nothing they think or imagine to actually become real. So they just get up every morning, get into their daily, weekly, monthly routines and life just keeps passing by.

When you consciously work on yourself and your life permanently, you live a life that you are creating yourself. You set your goals and you work towards making them happen. It requires effort, organization and motivation. But it is all worth when you start seeing little improvements in all the different areas of your life. Even when you feel satisfied with your current life situation you can still strive for more. People who live by this standard of constant improvement of themselves will always set new goals and they are always motivated to reach higher levels.

Excellence in Life is not just about being excellent in one area. If you are someone who looks for Excellence in Life you wouldn’t be satisfied with that. You would want to have outstanding results in many areas and not let one go downhill at the same time.

You can be an excellent business person but if your relationship with your family couldn’t get any worse, you wouldn’t feel that things are that excellent, would you? You would feel that something was wrong or missing.

A life of excellence is a well balanced life where you find yourself working on getting the most out of every area of your life.

Unfortunately, nowadays there are many people who put all their effort in one or two areas and live quite shallow and unfulfilled lives. It is difficult to find happy, fulfilled people. And as well with the busy times that we are going through just now, with everything moving and developing so fast, it is very challenging for many to be able to work consciously on improving and directing their lives. It requires commitment and ambition… ambition for living a better life and to be a better self.

Strive everyday for creating small changes in your own life and in the lives of those around you that will have a positive impact on your world and, at the end, on our world. ★